Who are we?

Digital Mates is a boutique design and development agency, led by UX/UI designer and front-end developer Jason Saunders and solid full-stack developer and likeable computer scientist Carl Aiau.

We work remotely from Auckland and Dunedin with clients pretty much based anywhere. So wherever you're based — your mates are here with you.

How can we help?

We design and develop websites and apps — pure and simple.

We tackle everything from inital wire-framing and lo-fi prototypes to establish the user journey, designing the look of the site and how it responds across key device breakpoints, to the front-end and back-end development — ensuring the slickiest, globally distributed end-user experience that is accessible, visible and quick.

We offer additional ongoing maintenance and support when a project is completed.

Not just different. Better.

We believe in objectives and outcomes, not processes.

Many in our industry have a favorite tech stack and rigidly stick to it for every project, regardless of the specific objectives and requirements. We get it — that's a pretty comfortable and easy way to work.

But we're different. We tailor the technical solution and use the right tools for the job — whether that's a super lightweight and performant Wordpress site or a headless CMS with a static site generator like Gatsby, we aim to build sites that are bloat-free, quick and fit for purpose.

Trust your mates to do what's best.